Claudia Marras

Facilitating Conscious Partnerships

Led by curiosity, over the years I explored different areas of knowledge and connected with amazing people from diverse corners of the globe.

Today, I expand my knowledge through exploration and experimentation, alternating between living in rural remote areas and urban cities. I thrive in multicultural and diverse workplaces, finding joy in connecting people and ideas, facilitating the exchange of perspectives and opportunities.

With over 15 years of experience in communications and marketing, my journey has woven through the world of start-ups, social impact endeavours, and innovation ventures. Along the way, I’ve collaborated with organisations of various sizes and stripes, spanning the spectrum from for-profit enterprises to non-profit causes.

In a landscape often dominated by competition, I’ve always believed that doing good doesn’t require tearing others down. This guiding principle inspired the creation of Mudita in 2018, a consultancy committed to empowering organisations through strategic partnerships.

In late 2023, driven by the desire to broaden our influence and impact, I embarked on the CoPartnerUp journey. More than just a business venture, CoPartnerUp is a collaborative ecosystem dedicated to fostering conscious partnerships. And no, it’s not some obscure “woo woo” concept; it’s simply about integrating personal growth with business development to facilitate more effective and meaningful collaborations. 

In addition to this endeavour, I also serve as a strategic advisor and mentor to startups engaged in impact entrepreneurship programs, collaborating closely with esteemed organisations such as Ashoka, Ship2B Foundation, the B Corp Movement, European Innovation Academy, Bridge for Billions, Women In Tech, and The Break Fellowship, among others.

Breath-work and meditation are between the daily practices that help me stay grounded and aligned to my core values, allowing me to

live consciously and act intentionally. 

I am always open to exploring new synergies and collaborations.

If you are interested in what I do, I invite you to contact me.


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